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We keep on revealing the results of our ‘Best of 2015’ poll, and this week we have published the summory of ‘Favorite downtempo/ambient DJ of 2015’. Spoiler: it is Gagarin project to hit the top. Good support!

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Album of the year 2015
Compilation of the year 2015
EP of the year 2015
Best Psychedelic Festival of the year 2015 and overallBest New Artist
Best Psy Radio
Psychill label of the year

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Events and festivals of this week:

The Full Moon Gathering (USA)
Julia Pandit (Akhila.Love) Exhibition Closing Party (Germany)
Earthcode (Israel)
Temple – Earth Day Edition (USA)
Farewell Party: NOMAD’s Last Night in Berlin (Germany)
Psychill Café: Live Love Create 8 (France)

All event details and links are in the calendar.

Album of the week 15 results

Globular – Holobiont [ Self Released ]

Other results are quite blurred: 9 releases hit the 2nd place, and there is no 3rd place :) Bingo!

Check other releases with players here and vote for the release you loved best of all!

Recent Releases (Psychill / Psybient / Bass):

Amos – Illusions Of Tomorrow – Ovnimoon Records
Dancemyth – Variations In Progress EP – Self Released
Data Rebel – Angular – Self Released
Deerskin – Deer Tribe EP – Self Released
Deerskin – Mesorhythms EP – Self Released
Dimmat – From The Past – Self Released
Ecometric – Deep Dream – Merkaba Music
Electro Jar – Journey Across The River Styx – Self Released
Forgotten Future – Realignment EP – Creative Shop Music
Gnomes Of Kush – Honey Remixed – Section Records
Infinati – Ineffababblin EP – Self Released
Jean & La Plastique – Tribes – D-A-R-K Records
Maharishi – Triuniyia EP – Self Released
miXile – Værøy – Self Released
Mystical Sun – Core – Self Released
Nacht Plank – Alien – Carpe Sonum Records
Om Sagar – Aqua Marina – Self Released
Reasonandu – Alchemy Of Love – Melusine Records
Seamoon – Compilation Tracks 2 – Self Released
Sharkweek – Shark ‘N’ Taties – Sharkweek Remixed – Self Released
SheerLiquid – Udmurtian Swamp – Izhitsa Records
SoLaRiS – Higher Etheric Plane – Self Released
SoLaRiS – Wizards – Self Released
sqncr – 24 – Subbass
Supersillyus – Charade – Gravitas Recordings
The Polish Ambassador – Dreaming Of An Old Tomorrow – Self Released
Traum Atlas – Alien Dreaming – Psylife Records
Urple Eeple – Lost In Motion – Chillage Records
Various Artists – Point: Cape Fligely. Part 1. Day – Tunguska Electronic Music Society
Various Artists – Star Paths – Mamomam Records

Album of the week 16 selection :

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And for dessert today I invite you to the world of computer details, interacting in their own electronic Universe, full of connectors, boards, wires and other transistors. No soulless devices anymore; it’s only their eventful biosystem with main actors, fluoro painted and living their own lives.
The no budget stop motion short IMACHINARIUM depicts a living scenography built with scrap from electronic devices. The electronic parts interact and communicate with each other thus setting the machine in motion. The film explores questions about technology and artificial intelligence in an abstract manner. end of quote.

It’s amusing to read about the filming process too! Find it with credits here https://vimeo.com/94842149

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