Hello, friends!

Tell how were your Halloween parties? Are you still celebrating it maybe?
Or not.. Anyway, we have been spending nice time out this week and when it was sad and boring we were colouring prints like this:

You can just print these kind of drawings (of various themes) and create your own world there! Interested? You can download these colouring pages for free here

That is why we have not published anything on Monday :D

Events and festivals of this week:

Vataff [email protected] Studio 5 (Bulgaria)
Faerie Con East (USA)
Ambient Avatar pres.: SYNC24 (Hungary)
Psychedelic Reunion: The Forgotten Sounds (Netherlands)
Psychill Night: ARGYRIA (Germany)

All event details and links are in the calendar.

Album of the week 44 “forum poll” results

Flowertz – Kumbhaka [ Self Released ] is the winner of the week 44 poll. Two releases got the second place and some more hit the third one. You can check the results with players here. Do not hesitate to vote!

Recent Releases:

Ajnia – Abstracts – Ektoplazm
Anasa (Side Liner & Zero Cult) – Anasa – Cosmicleaf Records
BlessU – The War On Consciousness (Chapter 3) – Self Released
Cloudcycle (Greg Hunter & Mauxuam) – Cloud 1 – Self Released
Desert Dwellers – The Great Mystery Remixes Part 2 – Desert Trax
Drumspyder – Sound Sigils – Self Released
Dubtrak – Be In The Flow – Mystic Sound Records
Eastward – Old Green Thumb – Omelette Records
Ephemeral Mists – Geometry Of The Sacred Serpent – Mythical Records
Ishq – In A Rainbow Air – Virtual
Meissa Niang Meets Dreadlock Tales & Tree Of Dub – Serigne Touba / Shaykh Ibra Fall Dub – Self Released
Mick Chillage – Infinite Perspectives – Txt Recordings
Nanosphere – Event Horizon EP – Broken Robot Records
Oïd Mü – Toploader – Mutantra Records
Profresher – Valence Vol. 4 – Self Released
Rook & Knowa Lusion – Volume 1 – Street Ritual
SPCZ – Elektra – Subbass
Tara Putra – Driven By Dub – Purple Hexagon Records
Tengri & Atriohm – Ukalen – Parvati Records
Various Artists – Rhythm Code II – Shanti Planti
Vulture – King Of Zombies – Bass Star Records
Yunomi (Ishq) – Floracopia – Virtual

Album of the week 45 selection :

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