Today we speak with Eiran from Hexagon HGN, a vertically integrated manufacturer and retailer of clothing for men, women. “Vertically integrated” means that they have consolidated all stages of production under one roof, from the design, cutting and sewing, right through to the photography and marketing.

We do not promote consumerism, however as we all need some clothing, we would advise to support and buy from human size, ethically made brands created by like minded individuals, rather than from a big “faceless” brands that are only for profit.

It is time to discover behind the scene of Hexagon Team.

Interview is made by Gagarin on 03/12/2015

Hi Eiran,

thanks for finding time to talk with me, i am very curious to know more about your company.
Trying to ignore mainstream brands, i personally buy most of my “psy” wear in festivals and online. The only drawback of buying “ethical” brands for me is price, however it is justified by higher quality of product and the ethical production techniques.

Correct me if i am wrong, Hexagon HGN is alternative, clubwear and psychedelic online shop. How can you explain psychedelic clothing to people outside of the psy culture?

You are absolutely right about Hexagon HGN, I would say that the main common theme of psychedelic clothing is that the people who create them have a strong connection to the psy-trance scene, However the different clothing brands and designs can fit a wider range of people who are not only into the trance scene.

You have started around 1996, what was your most challenging moments and why?

The journey was a life changing events back in the first full moons of Thailand and Goa. The years that follow were full of new experiences, A new way of living/partying and seeing the world.
The big challenge for me was to take all those experiences and ideas and bring them into Europe and build a new business around the underground fashion in the capital of London underground world, Camden town back in the start of the new millennium.

Why do you think consumer shall privilege purchases from independent and/or local brands over well established ‘big’ brands?

Its not for every consumer! Its for those who think outside the box and like to see things from a different angle.The privilege is wearing something that is truly unique that makes you stand out of the crowd and by doing that give a feeling of being a part of a community of like minded people.

Are you primarily a clothing brand or multi-brand online shop?

Hexagon HGN is a brand of its own but also have a few of the best selected brands who we have a strong connection with.

Do you consider yourself an ethical brand ? What are your key principles?

Yes, one of the most important element is where it all started, Bali!
We have built a connection with local creative Indonesians that took our travelling community to there heart and helped create a new fashion for trance loving people! resulting in a friendly family feel production environment and good quality natural fabrics!
We love to support Sustainable energy and awareness of food resources projects
and we very passionate about the world need of legalizing it :-)

Do you ever go to festival for work, if yes tell us about your best/notable/interesting experiences?

Sadly :-( the last festival i went for fun only is the first Ozora eclipse festival back in 1999 this was one that will stick in mind for ever, it has being the best!, since then i go every summer to work with the Hexagon shop at the main festival like Ozora & Boom. I must say that the Boom festival in Portugal is the most interesting and fun as for a work/festival combination.

Do you still have a retail shop in London ? How is the clubwear market in UK capital?

No, Back in 2012 my first daughter was born and me & my partner decided to leave London after 12 years to a more sunny and kids friendly environment in Ibiza Spain, It was the perfect timing as my web shop sales have grown so much that a physical shop in London was not needed. We wholesale to other small shops in London but we find that in the modern way of living our customer can find everything they need online and it will be delivered to their door. So i would say that these days clubwear in everywhere as long as you have internet connection.

In general, how do you evaluate the actual state of psy/alternative wear market in the world, is it blooming or stagnating?

I think it’s been growing steadily every year since the first pcs of UV reactive fractal clothing appeared back in the early 90’s.
If back then we would fill up a bag of clothing to sell at parties and sell out! then these days we load a van full and we will sell out!
Events like boom are selling out months before the event and it translate into the fashion.

It is obvious that Research and Development as well as Designing is an expensive tasks for independent brands. Do you find it hard to compete with mainstream brands or maybe you don’t have same customers?

We don’t want to compete with main brands, we want to stay true to our philosophy of seeing things from a different angle and staying unique!
Our customer have limited choice when it come to finding a truly unique underground fashion, so when they find a brand of clothing like Hexagon HGN they can’t compare it with the main brands.

How often do you add new items in catalog and what is the best way to be updated about new arrivals?

We have new arrivals coming 4 times a year for every season summer,winter,autumn and spring. as well as special offers and promotions.
The best way to get to know about those are to
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What are the most popular items and brands in 2015?

Our own Hexagon HGN 3d Hexagon T-shirts and long hood coat have been our best seller.

Plazma Lab Lovely reaper hoodie hoodie and Emet T-shirts.

Indian project pants are hugely popular with Dakaii being the most popular and currently sold out!

And last but not least our very popular pointy hoodies from Gado Gado with Yoda and glow in the dark version the best of the bunch.

What is the geography of your customers?

As we are a UK based company then most of our customer are from UK
then in this order:

I see you have bitcoin, do you see many people using it?

No, we only had a hand full of people choosing to pay by bit coin, I think it’s waiting for the big revolution!

You are mentioning “thinking outside the box” in your about page, can you give some example of this?

Basicly everything you do differently then what the “norm” is in general or your own personal “norm”
for example:
Try stepping back and looking at things by exchanging ideas or researching with other creative people.
Keep your creativity sharp
if you work or study in a specific industry then why not try something different.
if you come from a religion why not learn about other religions too
Read or watch a movie that you won’t usually read or watch.
Change your daily routine from time to time.
Eliminate negativity
And always learn new things!

How do you evaluate the development of psychedelic music and festival scene ? Are we in rise , stagnation or recession ? (Please mention which countries do you include in the answer)

I think we have a steady growth every year.
The 2 big event of the trance scene in Europe are Boom in Portugal and Ozora in Hungary which have been growing in the amount of people who are participating and the value of experience they are offering. these 2 countries have made it possible for such events to take place and they draw people from all over the world.
Unfortunately in some other countries its more difficult to create such event so there was a decline in Germany which use to be the main place for trance festival about 10 years ago and its been difficult for UK,France and Holland.
Globally there are big events in USA like burning men and in Australia with earth core and rainbow serpent.
As well as brazil with their famous new year eve trance festival and in Israel with is massive trance scene.

What shall we expect from Hexagon HGN is future?

We aim to bring together the best of the underground alternative scene and create a bond with our customers for an exciting, fun and life loving experience.

Thanks for interesting information, I would like to propose you to send a message to our readers.

Do only what you love to do !
Dance like nobody is watching !
Try to enjoy every moment on this planet and try and try to smile a lot! :-)
We only live once!