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It is so great about our forum! More and more interesting topics! Recent ones are about where do we live (give away your locations), discussion on Planet Dog record label, some ‘Say hello – Introduction’ topic etc.
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And here is a nice movie! A drone was flying through the middle of fireworks and filming it!
Christmas and New Year are coming! Woooho!!!

Enjoy the usual news blog of events and releases and get ready for best of the year poll in the beginning of 2016.

Events and festivals of this week:

Live & Let Psy – 5th Anniversary (Netherlands)
Banco De Gaia: DJ set @ inSpiral (UK)
Boudoir Beats (UK)
T.I.P. World Party 2015 (Russia)
E∩trance (Ukraine)
Ambient and More (Russia)

All event details and links are in the calendar.

Album of the week 48 “forum poll” results

1st: Rukirek – Butterfly Tales For Trees [ Mystic Sound Records ]

2nd: Astral Waves & Æolia – Yoga Temple [ Altar Records ]

Spectrum Vision – Different Worlds [ Blue Tunes Chillout ]

A few releases hit the 3rd place.

Check other results with players here. Do not hesitate to vote!

Recent Releases:

Clockmelt – The Outer Reaches Of The Mind – Self Released
Cloudcycle (Greg Hunter & Mauxuam) – Cloud 5 (Plexus) – Self Released
Darshan Atmosphere – Shadja – Masala Records
Domas G – Time Of Silence – Forest Freaks
DubCOliNG – In Depth EP – Addictech Records
Dubmonk – Hermits & Pilgrims – Self Released
Flexagon – Helios – Self Released
Fraktal Invasion – Cold Nights – Sun Department Records
Icarus Kid – 2:22 EP – Self Released
Jeremy’s Aura – Stop What You’re Doing – Maia Brasil Records & Omnitropic
Kermode & Monad Moon – Kodama EP – Self Released
Mike Hill – Mike Hill EP – Sparkwood Records
Mystic Lounge (Mystic Crock & Liquid Lounge) – Magical Dream – Self Released
Peps – Contradictions EP – Self Released
Seb Taylor – Collected Downtempo Vol. 3 – Tribal Shift Records
Space Scavengers – Interstroller – Cold Tear Records
Tikki Masala – World Beat – Masala Records
Trinaural In Dub – Haiku – Ovnimoon Records
Unusual Cosmic Process – Utopia – Microcosmos Records
Woob – Mass Distraction EP – Isometric

Album of the week 49 selection :

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