For your joy over 170 new* psychill / psybient / ambient mixes and lives were added to our soundcloud group! We had to go through moderation of 300 submissions.

Since now, the moderation will be faster because our team was re-inforced. We welcome Alchemist (DJ from Belgium) who is taking in charge moderation of mixes in our soudcloud group !

Now you can check regularly for updates ! As for today, in total we have 715 mixes and 2420 members (800 new since last update). To submit your mix to the group, read guidelines below.

Some Highlights:
Living Light
Floyd 2.0
Selector Cloufus
Djane Fatcat

It’s time to listen!

REMINDER! To post a mix or live to the group you need to:
– join the group
– upload your file to your soundcloud (minimal length of accepted recordings is 15 minutes)
– for each of your mix “add to group”
– wait **

* please note some of the mixes are freshly uploaded to soundcloud, some have been there for few month, we moderate content and not the submission date.

** 1-2 times per month we moderate all submission. Sorry for possible delay. We are receiving a lot of information and sometimes it takes much time. Anyway, all mixes are published sooner or later.