One of the best psychill radio channel presents Winter Solstice 2013. Night lingers while the moon is full. The deep black sky stretches into infinity. Join DI.FM PsyChill to celebrate the longest night.

Featuring music from:

Kanc Cover (Soundmute Recordings)
Kick Bong (Cosmicleaf Records)
Side Liner (Cosmicleaf Records)
Kukan dUb Lagan (MikelaBella Records)
AstroPilot (Altar Records)
Zero Cult (Cosmicleaf Records)
Stefan Torto (Cosmicleaf Records)
Suduaya (Altar Records)
Tor.Ma in Dub (Catalyst, Maia, Beats and Pieces)
Sorian (MikelaBella Records)
Supercozi (Iboga Records)
Johnny Blue (Peak Records, MikelaBella Records)
Dhamika (Uxmal Records)
Maiia (Ovnimoon Records, Altar Records)
Salvinorin (Cymatic Lab)
Uth (NeoGoa)
SuKhush (Altar Records)
Dj Fada (Merkaba Music, Cymatic Lab)
Avery Runner (Free Spirit Records, Native Circuit)
Therapist (Altar Records)
Allix (WildBro, Cymatic Lab)
DragRam (Nalij)
Gagarin Project (
Selector Cleofus (Shenanigan Society)
Tampered DNA (Jade Buddha, Soundkraft Records)
Bloodwing (Digitally Imported)
Shoom (Digitally Imported, Suntrip Records)
Neo Noir

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