Dear Chillers,

to celebrate the end of this beautiful year, PSYBIENT.ORG team would like to invite you to participate in our poll. We would like to know which downtempo (psychill, psybient, psydub, psystep, psybreaks, temple bass, progressive chillout, ambient) mixes and which DJ’s impressed you the most in 2013.


With a help of this poll, we would like to expand the awareness of people about the beauty of psybient music and promote the importance of DJs’ work! We believe, that DJs have an important role of the interpreters and ambassadors of different music styles. Their creative mission is to bring to public the magic musical diamonds, to bring us their unique mixtapes that combine the tracks and pieces from both known and new producers, famous and hidden pearls.
We would like to acknowledge their hard work of “digging crates” (searching for music) and filtering (choosing the most interesting) from a large amount of musical data.

RESULTS published on 8 january 2014 =>
TOP 20 PSYCHILL MIXES of 2013 (psybient / ambient / psydub)


DJs are very important to any music scene, as they often tend to support, both financially and in promo, the artists. They are the ones who would take time to give feedback and to encourage young artist to continue producing, to give new life and even immortalize some forgotten or never released promo tracks.

It is time for us and for you to support them in our turn!

Please note, that this poll in no case wouldn’t try to determine who is the best DJ or which mix is the best of 2013. Our goal is to highlight some DJ sets, to engage into conversation and exchange between the listeners and DJs.

Let’s CREATE together a list of mixes that impressed you lately! Everybody is welcome to post their favorite mixes below to support DJs and to help other people to discover unforgettable psychill music.

Show your love and appreciation to DJs :)


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