We continue to publish results of the “best of the year” community poll results. Today we share with you the most popular EP releases of the year 2019. EPs are also known as Extended Players – are usually much shorter in length, 3-5 tracks.

Below you can see a listing of the most interesting (“best”) EPs of 2019, as voted in our poll. We sincerely hope you will find your favorite artists in the list and will discover something new. As always, don’t forget to give support to creators of music.

We would appreciate if you share this page with the results in internet in order to bring more attention to our “underground” but growing psychill / psybient scene. It will help to support the “winners” as well. It is our way to thank all ARTIST and LABELS presented here for making awesome music. Good Job guys ! Also make sure to notify artist in the list about our results.

psybient.org – 2019 – best of results

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EP of the year 2019:

1. Zen Baboon – A Noite – Revisited [Baboon Clinic]

2. Aliens From Inner Space – Alien Ancestors [Astral Vision Records]

3. Solar Fields – Undiscovered Stories [Droneform Records]

4. I.M.D. – Encuentros [Altar Records]

5. Coam – Quantic Mother [Merkaba Music]

6. Rhizomorphic – Colloidal Vibration [Psychedelic Jelly]

7. Quanta – Fragmented [Shanti Planti]

8. Suduaya, Lydia – Serbian Dance [Altar Records]

9. Zero Cult – Tete-A-Tete [Cosmicleaf Records]

10. Illusive Tuna – Zawn [Psychedelic Jelly]

11. Key-G – Satya Yuga [Merkaba Music]

12. Land Switcher – Arcade Valley [Shanti Planti]

13. Bluetech – The 4 Horsemen Of The Electrocalypse: The Pale Horse [Self Released]

14. E-Mantra – Soundscapes [Melusine Records]

15. Mobitex – Creators EP [Altar Records]

16. Jakare – Apu [Desert Trax]

17. Emog – Angels [Merkaba Music]

18. Liquid Bloom, Poranguí, Spice Trader – Ayé Yewo [Desert Trax]

19. Basher Toe – Pasifika [Merkaba Music]

20. 5AM Trio – Triovision [The Rust Music]

21. Cabeiri – Planetary Path [Landmark Recordings]

22. StereOMantra – Hope [OM Mantra Records]

23. Mindex – Sleep Deprivation [Night Owl Collective]

24. AstroPilot – Transform [AstroPilot Music]

25. Balancé – Motion [Self Released]

26. Bumble – Somniac [Shanti Planti]

27. Hinkstep, Zoungla – Deep Sea Mirror [Self Released]

28. Nëru – La Caravane Hypnotique [Hadra AlterVision Records]

29. StereOMantra – C EP [OM Mantra Records]

30. Cosmic Replicant – Chronicles Of Silence [Altar Records]

31. Gumi – Creation [Merkaba Music]

32. Hypnagog – Technological Determinism [Kinematic Records]

33. Kliment – Forest Of Wishes Remix [Electrik Dream]

34. Rumpistol – In My Room [The Rust Music]

35. Tor.Ma In Dub – The Colour From Space [Dubmission Records]

36. 5AM – Forge [ShadowTrix Music]

37. Advanced Suite – Shapes Of Nothing [Psychedelic Jelly]

38. Beatroots – New Found Terrain [Self Released]

39. Chillandgo – Folklore [Astral Vision Records]

40. Drumspyder – Crossing [Self Released]

41. Jedidiah – Garland Of Roses [OM Mantra Records]

42. Spacey Koala – Germination [Shanti Planti]

43. 5AM, Pluto Era – Lookout EP [Self Released]

44. Balancé – Reflection [Self Released]

45. Beatfarmer – Speaking With The Wind [Merkaba Music]

46. Dalton Trance Teleport – IDEA [Tandava Records]

47. Duffrey – Stawnk [Street Ritual]

48. EkaOlogik – Forest Motions [Altar Records]

49. Emog – Seasons Of Gaia EP [Visionary Shamanics Records]

50. Jedidiah – Effusion [Ovnimoon Records]

psybient.org – 2019 – best of results

for other results please visit @ https://www.psybient.org/love/category/best-of-2019/


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