Hi Gabriel,

we have 5 simple questions for you today

when did you first hear the slower psy music ?

Probably in the beginning of teh 90ties, but i don´t really remember.
In 1993/1994 I started with my mates Saafi Brothers and our sound became like this because of our different characters and because we were all into electronic music ranging from TechnoHouse to Caid and Ambient/Leftfield Electronica – the genre psychill and psybient was not tagged yet – our labelmates at Blue Room Released “The Infinty Project” were also into dub soaked psychedelic electronica and smehow quite close to what we were doing compared to our other labelmates like Juno Reactor, X-Dream or KoxBox for example…

what is the first album or track that marked you with the slow bpm psy sound?

The Orb “A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld”, The Infinity Project on Blue Room Released, The KLF “chill out”

Do you make difference between psybient and psychill? What is this difference for you?

i don´t (want to) see the difference since that is tagging the music and it is only helpful for music journalists and record companies in order to help promoting and selling it rather than to a musicians´ mindset…
i mean if you anatomize these terms from where they originally come from, you see it´s “same same (but different):
Ambient and Chill(out) + Psy = psybient / psychill…very similar indeed…
have you heard of “illbient” ? now guess what that might be… ?!!
With the Saafi Brothers we usually use the term “chilldance” to describe what we do – music to chill and dance to…

How do you see future of psy downtempo music?

I don´t really know – i can imagine that there might always be ingredients from mainfloor music in altered forms, more or less dub-music influences, ambient music ingredients, leftfield electronica and experimental music parts in that type(s) of music – it also depends on the generation of music producers and their cultural background – that is the x-factor since it cannot be foreseen yet…nevertheless i think that there will always be leftfield music aside of mainstream and floor sounds – simply because we don´t stop listening to new music that does not necessarily needs to be functional just as music for dancefloors…just stop the beat of rhythm for a long while and see what happens while leftfield electronica provides more musical freedom and does not follow the strict rules of the dancefloor…

Gabriel Le Mar (Saafi Brothers)