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The season of open-airs in Europe is closing in a few weeks, so hurry up! Don’t miss an opportunity to experience them. Our August Festival list and calendar is here to help you.

Monday we published our next episode of 5 questions interview, we had a chance to chat with Gabriel Le Mar (Saafi Brothers). Next week we will have interview with DJ Shahar from Aleph Zero Records. Don’t miss it. And let us know in the comment section who else would you like us to interview.

Also, in this news we would like to share with you this report in PDF: An annual study of the Electronic Music industry. This report was prepared during Inernational Musiс Summit IMS Ibiza (20-22 May) by Kewin Watson. It contains 24 pages of graphics, diagrams, charts and other visual tools to systematize the data about EDM music development during last years. The IMS Business Report 2015 covers five different aspects of the industry such like:
– Music (Sales of tracks, albums and streaming by country )
– DJs & Live Acts
– Clubs & Festivals
– Companies & Brands
– Industry Overall

Furthermore, this week is rich with events and festivals:

Sziget 2015 (Hungary)
Freedom Festival 2015 (Portugal)
Blackmoon Festival 2015 (Italy)
Lost Theorie 2015 (Croatia)
Sonica Festival 2015 (Italy)
Future Nature 2015 (Croatia)
Gaia Gathering 2015 (Lithuania)
Boom Town (UK)
The Ritual (Canada)
Vuuv Festival 2015 (Germany)
Atmosphere Gathering 2015 (Canada)
Enchanted Forest Gathering 2015 (USA)
Desert Dwellers The Great Mystery Tour – St. Louis (USA)
OTT @ Mishawaka Amphitheatre (USA)
Desert Dwellers The Great Mystery Tour – Spencer (USA)

All event details and links are in the calendar.

Recent Releases:

Airform – Flourishing Zone – Mystic Sound Records
Andrew Heath – After The Magus – To Resound – Self Released
Austero – Resilient EP – Addictech Records
BlessU – Summer Nights (Chapter 2) – Self Released
Celt Islam – Quest – Earth City Recordz
Chronotope Project – Dawn Treader – Spotted Peccary Music
Cloud-D – Negative Space – Self Released
Dimmat – Unreleased Tracks – Self Released
Emotion Code – Knockology – Kissthesound Records
Itom Lab – The Journey Is The Destination – Self Released
Kermode – Lost Pages EP – Black Tuna Recordings
Mantismash – Pulsating Reality – Adapted Records
MIIIIM – MIIIIM – Sparkwood Records
Morpheus – Organisms Of The Unexplored – Self Released
NASA – Can You Feel It – Electrik Dream
Seaman – My Space – Plexus Music
Shanti – Kiari’s Dream – Self Released
Sluggart – Mnesic – Xtraplex Records
Unhappiness – Massive Internal Complications – Cosmicleaf Records
Various Artists – 25 – Spaceradio Records
Various Artists – Def Con 23: The Official Soundtrack – Gravitas Recordings
Various Artists – Dum Spiro Audire – Carpe Sonum
Various Artists – Moans – Kupuri Music

Album of the week 33 selection :

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Album of the week 32 “forum poll” results

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2nd: Eat Static – Dead Planet / Human Upgrade [ Mesmobeat ]

Ishdub – Digital Roots Remixed [ Kupuri Music ]

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