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I hope you are all visiting festivals, no matter if it only happens once a summer (and you spend one week of your annual office holidays) or you just keep on festivaling with your shop. More outdoors nights, more comfortable than your bed back home. We have been so inspired by the festival vibes, and never-ending unity on the dance floors, that we have prepared two huge materials for you. The first one is August Festival list and calendar. Check it out and don’t miss your last chance to not to screw up this summer!

Here is another link – utterly elaborated and visually supported full festival listing for 2015
This is just #wow. It can take time to dig the scheme, but it’s worth it. Puf puf!

If it is too much for you right now here is standard info:

Week events and festivals:

Free Flow Festival (Portugal)
Shambhala (Canada)
Waldfrieden Wonderland 2015 (Germany)
Bluetech @ 16 Tons (Russia)
Beloved (USA)
Chill Festival (Germany)
Ozora Festival 2015 (Hungary)
Illumination Gathering (USA)
Namafest 2015 (Spain)
Kukemuru Ambient (Estonia)

All event details and links are in the calendar.

Recent Releases:

Balancé – Kaya – Self Released
Darshan Atmosphere – Darshan Soundscape – Self Released
Eat Static – Dead Planet / Human Upgrade – Mesmobeat
Enkephalin – The Earth Suicide – Self Released
Eurythmy – Seeds Of Mind EP – Shanti Planti
Ishdub – Digital Roots Remixed – Kupuri Music
Karmasynk – Furple Punk EP – Glitch Hop Community
Lo.renzo – 3 Days Journey – Self Released
Myk. – Flevopark EP – Left Of Field Records
Roo Stercogburn – Feature 5 – The Altered Echo Project
The OriGinALz – Vanilla Cake Island – Saturate Records
Trill Bliss – Wet Heat EP – Self Released
Various Artists – Ajna – Ekstre Records
Various Artists – Chillheadz – Purple Hexagon Records & Trimurti Records

Album of the week 32 selection :

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Album of the week 31 “forum poll” results

1st: Ascendant – Æthereal Code [ Synphaera Records ]

2nd: Icaro – Invocation EP [ Lostinsound.org ] Various Artists – Organic Beats Vol. 3 [ Altar Records ]

Check it out with links and players here

Stay chilled and vote! :)