We continue to publish results of the “best of the year” community poll results. Today we share with you the most popular internet radio stations for 2014. Below are results of 333 votes from 54 countries.

We would appreciate if you share this pages with the results in internet in order to promote the “winners”. It is our way to thank all RADIO stations above for supporting artists and labels. Good Job guys !

Best “psy radio” of the year 2014:

1. di.fm/psychill
2. radio Q37
3. radiOzora
4. psychedelik.com
5. chromanova
6. boom radio
7. dice radio
8. psyradio.com.ua
9. schizoid.in
10. soma.fm

We would also like to bring your attention to our recent adition to the radio listing, The Multiman Radio from Brazil. Those guys are playing a lot of great tunes and deserve more of our attention !

We would like to remind you that psybient.org web project don’t generate any income and exist thanks to the time of few volunteers. Our goal is to promote projects and artists that made you happy through their music during the last year. The music eco-system is very fragile, we had much great music over last years and if we want to continue or get to the higher level, we shall support each other. We have many ideas how to make it better, faster but our resources of time are limited because we need to work on our day jobs. If you can afford a small regular donations to support our project we would be very grateful. The donation interface is accessible via this page or via the top menu.

Have a look at our catalog of internet radios. And see you on Friday for the “Label” of the year 2014 and the Best “New artist” of the year 2014.
Have a nice day!