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today we will share with you a review with a very useful accessory for any home or office installation. This is specially useful for the DJ’s and producers. It allows to position monitor in any imaginable angle and distance, it can be used to adapt your work space for sitting and standing positions.

Positioning your computer monitor for maximum ergonomic comfort helps reduce the risk of posture related health issues whilst sitting for long hours at your desk. The Invision MX150 is very good and affordable solution, providing full height adjustment and has a wide range of viewing angles to suit your needs. Optimizing your workstation and screen position correctly can have a huge positive impact on your productivity, health and wellbeing.

Elevation-assisted gas-powered monitor arms are equipped with one-touch frictionless motion control making it easier to adjust and hold your screen at the perfect viewing angle every time. Capable of a full 360° of screen rotation for easy landscape to portrait viewing and can easily extend towards you to an impressive 525mm from its fixed position while comfortably holding screens up to a max weight of 6.5kg


health benefits & increased productivity
optimum viewing angles
maximize desk space & optimize your workflow
solid construction


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