We are happy to present you a third episode of PSYBIENT.ORG PODCAST, a mix called “Slowly Fading Away” compiled and mixed by Dj Samsara. As usually this episode was priorly available exclusively on partner radios and now is available for streaming and download.

01. Alan Backdrop – Subworlds (Shaded Explorations)
02. ASC – Lucent Vessel (Silent Season)
03. Mind Over Midi – Silence Of The Sea (Silent Season)
04. Sonitus Eco – A Well Of Loss (Rohs Records)
05. Mon0 – Monolog (Sublime Porte Records)
06. Variant – As Time Stood Still (Echospace Records)
07. Die Nachtstunde – Fernhin (Entropy Records)
08. Fingers In The Noise – Sleeping Sun (Cold Fiction Records)
09. Aes Dana – Snöflinga (Ultimae Records)
10. Deni Diezer & Martin Nonstatic – Invisible Balance (Sub.spiele Records)
11. Sonitus Eco – The Past That Was Embraced By Sorrow (Rohs Records)
12. Martin Nonstatic – Beyond (Dewtone Recordings)

DJ Samsara Bio:
Christian Borgmann also known as DJ Samsara is passionate psychedelic trance and chill out DJ from Denmark. His first contact with electronic music was back in 2003 and later on in 2005 he entered the scene of psychedelic trance, which immediately caught his fascination and quickly became a huge part of his life.

After some years of attending to several parties and festivals around Europe, he decided to go behind the decks himself. In 2008 he got his first gig and have since then he have performed at various parties and festivals in- and outside Denmark, such as Freqs Of Nature Festival 2012 & 2013 (Germany), Voltron Festival 2012 (Turkey), Tangra Festival 2013 (Bulgaria), Hadra Festival 2014 (France) and many more.

In 2011 he joined his forces with his good friend DJ Furvus and together created their first charity compilation (VA – Conversation Bewteen Two Trees), which got released in 2012 on the non-profit label Critical Beats. They both agreed, that this compilation shouldn’t be the last of it’s kind, so later in 2012, they started to co-operate with another charity/non-profit label (Random Records), who released their second charity compilation (VA – Raindance).

He is currently representing different psychedelic trance and chill out labels, such as Damaru Records (Germany), Vantara Vichitra Records (India), Random Records (Spain) and Altar Records (Canada).

About and credits
title: psybient.org podcast – episode 03 – Slowly Fading Away mixed by DJ Samsara
artist: DJ Samsara
type: mix
style: Ambient, Deep/Dub Techno
tags: Ambient, Deep, Dub Techno
time: 87:57 min
date released: xx-11-2014
release number: psybient.org-03

compiled and mixed by:
DJ Samsara

voice on intro and outro recorded by:
Jelila and edited by Runa

cover art:
based on photography by Vincent Favre
fonts and FX by Gagarin Project

podcast project produced by:
Gagarin Project

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