Today we would like to present you an event that will happen in Israel Sep 26 – Sep 28. One more interesting and promising event organized by Fusion Culture and Desert Bass Festival. We encourage you to discover event and share it with friend who might be interested, Israel is a great country to visit !

Below official information from facebook event page.

🎧 Music By

Soulacybin – USA
MantisMash | Master Minded | Basher Toe | Treeboga – Live Show | Earth Connect | KOJO style | Light Child Project | Kur D | SylkWorm | POKA | Ammonite | Dubtazer | Flying Colours | Ginjah Vibes | CUT ‘N’ BASS – Live Show | Stulip | Gurik Zed aka Yūgen| Leto CC Music vs. Yaara Saadi aka BUN BUN | Jungle Spirit vs. Avi Lovey | GAÏA | Dani vs. G Lad | Tamir Klabin aka RESH vs RoKk | BzB | 語義 – gogi | Mechan1x | TOTEM | Present Simple | Zdurell | And Many More

🎨 Art Sessions By

Daniel Philosoph | Minks (Dory Su) | Amily Glick Weill | Danart | Sasha Mu | Maayan GrinArt | Shahar Gozali | More TBA

🌵 Our Vision // Desert Culture 🌵

Desert Bass festival is a celebration of Music & Live Art in a beautiful desert oasis.

It is a call for a colourful world of unity where EVERYONE is welcome and EVERYTHING is possible.

Join us for an unpredictable and unforgettable 3 day adventure entwined with Bass and Downtempo psychedelic music and experience the flourishing of the Israeli Visionary Art scene like never before.

Desert Bass is the cultural peak of the ever-growing Fusion Culture scene in Israel

🌵 Our Oasis // A Place to Expand 🌵

Desert Bass Festival will take place in a magnificent desert oasis in the heart of the Israeli desert.
Surrounded by breathtaking scenic mountains, unique topography and infinite fields of multicoloured sands – Our location is the perfect place to “Turn on, tune in & drop out”.

Under the welcoming embrace of our desert home, you can find yourself chilling in one of our ethnic desert tents, camping freely in our open air camping zone, nomading through the desert or even parking your van right around the dancefloor.

🌵 Program // Music & Live Art 🌵

At Desert Bass, MUSIC is a creative mind temple. Through three zones of music and art we offer a full experience of the alternative electronic music scene – From PsyBass to Downtempo through Glitch Hop to PsyDub and even some Breaks and Drum and Bass – Desert Bass hosts a wide spectrum of all that is fresh, unique and intelligent.

Art is our main focus and the creational drive of our soul. You will find yourself transcending visually with Live Art Sessions integrated with the main music shows, Creative hands-on workshops and a fantastic Visionary Art Gallery.
Desert Bass is all about manifesting an art-creative open-minded world.

Join The Cultural Revolution!

🌵 Tickets and latest updates 🌵

Fusion Culture 21.2.19 – The Official Video

קבלו אותו במלוא תפארתו – הסרטון של האירוע האחרון שלנו!עכשיו כשאפשר לעשות פליי ולקבל את כל האושר הזה בפחות מ2 דק' אנחנו מתחילים להבין מה התרחש שם בכלל. תודה לכם על כל הצבע והחיוכים שפיזרתם בערב הכל כך מיוחד הזה – אתן.ם גדולים!האירוע הבא שלנו כבר באוויר והוא יהיה אפילו עוצמתי יותר, כל הפרטים כאן…Fusion Culture – Hedflux (UK) | Live Art & Music Nightצילום – Ilya Hanukayev | עריכה – Hen Vasdiמוסיקה – Sleepy Koala – Chiii Boiii

Publiée par Fusion Culture sur Mercredi 13 février 2019