Hi Dakini, thanks for finding time to speak with us. Last year was the 1st edition of Dakini Festival, How did it go ?

Hey! The pleasure is ours! The first edition was great! We managed to bring together people from all around Europe and create a special and beautiful community. We also learned a lot, and gained knowledge that will help us create a better experience for our festival goers.

Tell us a bit about the festival’s history : Who’s idea was to make a festival ?

The idea came after experiencing a vipassana retreat. You can say it was divine inspiration J. We usually attend a lot of festivals and have dreamt about having one of our own here, in Romania, for some time. After discovering Tuzla’s virgin beaches, we knew what we had to do.

What differentiates Dakini Festival from other festivals?

Well, the wonderful scenery, for sure! Also, the fact that you have a lot musical options – from psy-trance to chill, fusion to micro-house and many other activities that you can take on when you are not in the mood to dance.

Your chillout lineup for 2017 was amazing. It seems like this music is as more important over usual psytrance music. What is your musical vision for Dakini?

We think that every genre has its importance. And we aim to keep all our attendees happy when it comes to music. Same as last year, we will keep the three stages and we will bring the same psy-trace, chill, fusion & live and micro-house vibes. The only difference is that the micro-house stage will be a bit smaller and our focus will be more on the psy-trance and chill stages.

How is the situation with psychedelic events and chillout events in Romania ?

It’s good. We have nice events, more on the psychedelic part, especially in Transylvania where people are more opened to this kind of music.

How is the electronic dance music in general ? Is there more house/techno festivals ?

Actually Romania has one of the biggest electronic music scene in Eastern Europe. We have a lot of festivals, for every taste, also we have nightclubs that are known around the world, we have a very active nightlife.

Do you think psychedelic festivals shall include other electronic music styles (house, techno, breaks etc)  ?

Yes, why not! We think that bringing people together for fun and good music is all that matters.

Tell us about your previous experiences in organising events ? How did it lead you to creating your own festival ?

We have previous experiences with many events that we’ve put together. We also attended many events and festivals, and every time we wanted to be more involved with the organising part, because we felt that we needed to give more to the public, we wanted the people to feel as we did at our first psy-trance festival. We wanted to share the excitement and joy we felt. So when the idea of putting together our own festival came, “goose bumps” appeared. And you know that “goose bumps never lie”. That was it! We had to share that feeling!

If you could go back in time, would you change something in 2017 edition ?

Going back in time to Dakini 2017 is like a dream. We wouldn’t and can’t change anything. But unfortunately, the time machine is not yet that accessible, so we have to do it again in 2018 =) And we will keep on doing it again in 2019, and 2020 and so on until that guy who invented the time machine will make it available for the public. And then we will re-live each festival, and each summer. Even then we don’t think we will stop making Dakini Festival.

What is situation with local authorities, do they try to help or ?

Yes, they are supportive and we thank them for that!

What are other European or world festivals that you consider as example and why  ?


We think that every festival that we attended was an example for us. If it’s to name one, Ozora would be our choice.


What do you recommend for people to visit before/after Dakini in Romania ? Any recommendations?

There are a lot on attractions in Romania and on the Black Sea shore. For instance they could visit Corbu or Vadu beaches, or explore the ruins of the ancient towns of Tomis or Callatis. Of course they shouldn’t miss the The Danube Delta Reservation.

Thank you for your time ….. if you wish to transmit a message to our readers please do it

We thank you too.

Guys, if you want to spend five extremely beautiful days on the virgin shores of the Black Sea, surrounded by great music and friends, than you should definitely come to Dakini. We’ve got a lot of surprises in line and we know for a fact that you won’t be disappointed!

Dakini 2nd edition will take place between the 27th June – 01st of July at Tuzla Beach in Romania. Check out the event page for more details.