Would like to introduce to you today a new record label – Ae Records !

Ae Records is a second child of Neogoa (one of the leading goa trance netlabels), founded in late 2014 by Richpa. Music of Ae will have a strong focus on promotion of underground ethereal psychedelic chillout and deep cosmic ambient music with distinctive vibe. Since Neogoa already published many downtempo releases in
previous years, the idea to create a new subdivision specialized in downtempo music was a logical step towards even better promotion of young and talented musicians in psychedelic chillout and ambient spectrum. First Ae release (Solar Journey EP by Jagoa) should come within couple of weeks for free download.

For more informations about Ae, please visit:

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/aehorde
Twitter page: https://twitter.com/aehorde
Soundcloud page: https://soundcloud.com/aehorde

Here is the preview of the first release – the upcoming EP ‘Solar Journey’ by Jagoa on Neogoa and Ae Records.