The music creation and distribution is highly dependent on the labels. Labels helps us to discover new artist, they help artist to reach audience and basically connect creators with the audience. It is time to share “the best” labels for psy downtempo and psybient music, selected by our community. Below is the list of 30 labels.

We would appreciate if you share this page with the results over the internet in order to promote the “winners” and our poll, we hope to have more participants and more accurate results.

Deepest gratitude to all the labels below and special thanks to Ektoplazm for distributing an incredible amount of music.

1Altar Records90
2Ultimae Records74
3Merkaba Music68
4Shanti Planti52
5Mystic Sound Records40
6Interchill Records38
7Ovnimoon Records33
8Cosmicleaf Records26
9Maia Brasil Records25
10Mycelium Music18
11Desert Trax17
12Microcosmos Records17
13Street Ritual14
14Dubmission Records13
15Nutek Chill13
16Uxmal Records13
17Luminosity Project13
18Addictech Records12
19Tympanik Audio8
20Gravitas Recordings7
21Plusquam Chillout7
22Cyan Music6
23Triple Drop Productions6
24Gliese 581C Records5
25Plexus Music5
26Spaceradio Records5
27GreenTree Records4
29Txt Recordings4
30Spotted Peccary Music1

Also have a look at out complete labels listing.

Results publication schedule:

Compilation of the year (Monday 11/05 11:00 CET)
Favourite psy radio (Tuesday 12/05 11:00 CET)

Label of the year (Friday 15/05 11:00 CET)
Best new artist for 2014 (Saturday 16/05 11:00 CET)

– Best festival experience of 2014 + Best festival experience (Monday 18/05 11:00 CET)
– Favourite downtempo/ambient dj (Tuesday 19/05 11:00 CET)

– Album of the year (Friday 22/05 11:00 CET)