Mixonset is an app that allows you to mix your favourite playlist with seamless transitions.
We have tried it for a month already and it can be really useful to discover new music and to do it in a fast and convenient way :)
Highly recommended , if you know other software that are similar – leave comments below !
Try it now for free => www.mixonset.com

You can play music from your local library or to connect it to your Spotify account.

Your Smart DJ
With Mixonset, anyone can now Smart Mix their playlists like a DJ.

Seamless Transition
Instantly mix the highlight of each song with seamless transitions. Silky Smooth.

Fill the Gaps with Suggestions
Fill the gaps of your mix with the right song at the right time.

Find Your Vibe with Filters
Instantly curate your listening to play just “Intense” music.