ॐ Friends,

We couldn’t be happier with the results of our forum crowdfunding. We did it even better than expected with your support, we reached 134% of the choosen goal.
This is incredible, your participation showed that you believe and need this project, and inspires us to deliver it to you in the nearest time. Big thanks to our 78 participants who helped us with fundings. We will start sending perks in the beggining of 2015, just after the official openning of the forum.

We would also like to encourage you to comment our music news bits with your opinion about music. If you discovered any new artist/album with our help and you are enjoying it/feeling something special, please come back and share with us and other music lovers your thought and impressions.

Week events:

Turn ON the NIGHT (Israel)
Christmas Chill with MaxMux (Germany)
Winter Solstice (Radio Show)

all event details and links are in the calendar => https://www.psybient.org/love/psybient-calendar/

Site news:

– Don’t miss our latest interview with Scott Draves about Electric Sheep destributed project.
– Our site has slighly changed design, we decided to temporarly check the background. We are always open for some help in HTML, Graphic Design or PHP developpement. We have more ideas then time to do them. Contact us.

Fresh releases:

Last week was also rich for releases, so take your time to discover them below! Check them out !

Antandra – Attunement EP [Self Released]

Audraulic – Luminal Fluids [Self Released]

Celt Islam – Noize Factor EP [Earth City Recordz]

D.V.S* – Comfort Zone [Loci Records]

Flucturion 2.0 – Sui Generis [Mystic Sound Records]

Gaudi – Dub, Sweat & Tears [Six Degrees Records]

Gnomes Of Kush – ElektroTepoz [Self Released]

Hidden Frequency – Something From Nothing EP [Self Released]

Jaya – Ambient Doodle [Uxmal Records]

Nibana – Ask The Universe [Maia Brasil Records]

Psymbionic – Parallels Remixed [Gravitas Recordings]

Strana 03 – And Friends [Plexus Music]

Tor.Ma In Dub – Secret Message [Self Released]

Trees – Relax [Self Released]

Various Artists – Tempest In Dub Volume 2 [Tempest Recordings]

Various Artists – The Moonbeats [Ovnimoon Records]

Wasabi Jackson – Different Tribes, Different Vibes [Be Green Records]

Wonderfeel – Mixtopia [Self Released]

If you have something important to submit – contact us.

– If you want to propose us a release to add to our list please make a comment to our 2014 page with all necessary information. We will review your submission and update information in future.
– If you want to add event contact us using contact form.