Hello, psybienters!

We have returned from Future Nature Festival, and the experience was very good. Despite of the limited size of festival, organisers managed to put up a very good and diverse lineup and chill stage and it was so nice to stay there. We have published few videos from event on our fb page, and Gagarin published his photo report.

Monday we published our next episode of 5 questions interview, we had a chance to chat with DJ Shahar from Aleph Zero Records. Would you like to read a brief interview with the psybient artist/DJ you fancy? Next week we plan to publish a 2009 old interview with Makyo. Let us know in the comment section who else would you like us to interview.

And now let’s go back to usual news, regarding the latest releases and upcoming events!

Events and festivals of this week:

New Healing Festival (Germany)
MoDem Festival 2015 (Croatia)
Ufo Bufo 2015 (Czech)
Zamba Loca 2015 (Suisse)
Psycho Wave Festival 2015 (Italy)
Nagual Sound Experiment (UK)
Chillout Night: Sheldon Drake (Germany)
Vortex Night of Wind and Light 2015 (Ukraine)

All event details and links are in the calendar.

Recent Releases:

Ancestral Conexion – Watching The Stars – Bass Star Records
Anchor Hill – All My Relations – Self Released
CloZee – Revolution – Gravitas Recordings
Crop – Serenity – Infinity-Tunes Records
Dubianchi – Savikalpa Samadhi EP – Cymatic Lab
Dubnotic – Hammam – Self Released
Enoch Prusak – Eye Contact – Digital Duvet
Given Vibes – Sadhu – Infinity-Tunes Records
Hashashin – Indian Samba – Green Tree Records
Holy Wall – Cannon Shade – Self Released
Individuum – DNA Trips – Mycelium Music
Jairamji – Elephant Song – Self Released
Maluns vs Unknown Reality – Entrance EP – Self Released
Neorus – The Flower Of Life – Self Released
NiaTrine – Lost Projects – Self Released
Ojae – Anomaly EP – Rexette Records
Ott – Fairchildren – Self Released
Refraktal – Refraktal EP – Self Released
Tentura – Distant Dreams – Infinity-Tunes Records
Terra Nine – Lucid Dreaming EP – Altar Records
Zen Raccoon – Guaxini – Electrik Dream

Album of the week 34 selection :

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