Hi Shahar,

thank you for joining us today!

when did you first hear the slower psy music ?

In the 90s. But of course I listened to ‘slow’ psychedelic music before trance came along.

what is the first album or track that marked you with the slow bpm psy sound?

the one that really made me go after the slower bpm psy/goa trance related music is The Infinity Project – Mystical Experiences.

Do you make difference between psybient and psychill?

No. I don’t care much for genre names. The reason I’m DJing in chillout stages in psychedelic gatherings to begin with (and not on the main pumping stages) is so I can do whatever I want and play whatever I can fit into the story I tell.

What is this difference for you?

The spelling

How do you see future of psy downtempo music?

I don’t have a clue. That is what fun about the future. I’m eagerly waiting to be surprised.

DJ Shahar (Aleph Zero Records)