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we are half way into may and we want to share with you latest news from the world of psychedelic (mind expanding) downtempo music.

Site news:

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  • A list of 28 releases from May 2014 available below. Don’t forget to visit our 2013 and 2014 releases pages for complete listings.
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Word on the street:

  • Aleph Zero Records will release soon a new album from Invisible Allies named Conversations With Bees.
  • Makyo is preparing the remix album called Purnima Remixed to be released on Dakini Records.
  • Chronos juist released his new album to celebrate 10 years of the project.
  • Cydelix will soon releases his Analog Digits EP on Cosmicleaf Records.
  • Upcoming psychill releases page is at your service to help you discover even more future releases.


  • Hadra festival promo event will be held in Paris in june. Lineup include Mizoo, Sysyphe, Gagarin Project and Runa.
  • A unique Shpongle full band live event was held in Bruxelles. We have made a photo report about it. Visible at our facebook photo page.
  • Ukranian promo team Sun’s Creed just opened open air season with a magic event in the forest.
  • Two new festivals are planned this summer in France (ATOHM and Eclosion 2).
  • Psy-fi festival team released their updated lineup for alternative chill stage.
  • Major updates to the event page are made. Now you can easily find the highlighted “chill” events and a bit below well as a very complete listing of different festivals.

Enjoy sun, life and music below…. we are one, we are awakening ….

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List of 28 releases from May 2014 *

* the complete list will be released in the beginning of june

Alwoods – Sun Trap Remixes [Altar Records]

Anchor Hill – Tactile [Luminosity Project]

DeeperNET – Impossible Landscape [Spotted Peccary Music]

Eccodek – Singing In Tongues [Black Swan Sounds]

Erothyme – The Sound Of One Grace Falling [Self Released]

Giyo – The Turbine Hall [Self Released]

Heavenly Father – Love Charger EP [Old Growth Records]

Insane – Snuggling To The Ground, Watching The Sky [Plexus Music]

James Murray – Mount View [Slowcraft Records]

Jinniyah (Makyo) – Banshee / Heavy [Dakini Records]

Kaya Project – Firedance [Interchill Records]

Kalumet – Soft Palms [Self Released]

Lee Anthony Norris & Porya Hatami – The Longing Daylight [Carpe Sonum]

Liquid Stranger – Anomaly: One [Warpath Group]

Lorenzo Montanà – Haemus [Carpe Sonum]

Low End – Smoke Collision EP [Kupuri Music]

Mindex & Anneya – Live – featuring Alexander Bruni [Time Resonance Music]

Quixotic & The Human Experience – From The Outside Looking In [Self Released]

Ren Toudu – Nemophilist [Ovnimoon Records]

Squarking Jazz – Ornamentopia [Mystic Sound Records]

Static Noise Bird – Audiofruit Orchard [Gliese 581C Records]

Tipper – Forward Escape [Tippermusic]

The Muses Rapt – The Eleusinian Mysteries [Self Released]

Various Artists – Mystic Chill Chapter 1 [Mystic Sound Records]

Various Artists – Paz 2 [Ovnimoon Records]

Various Artists – Resonant Mind [Merkaba Music]

Various Artists – Ten Spins Around The Sun [Suntrip Records]

Zero Cult – Aleph [Cosmicleaf Records]

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