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Summer in Europe is about to finish, but only technically. Me and you – we know, that summer is the state of mind! Anyway we can not deny the nature of seasons, and the last August week is on. Netherlands are still blasting at Psy-Fi festival, the line-up is mindblowing. That’s great to see they live up to their reputation and standards, taken up last year for the first time.

Or Maybe some of you are going to Burning Man, which is slightly opposite to young Psy-Fi in rainy Holland? Or not going? Here is the funny article to reveal 10 Reasons You Should Skip Burning Man

On Monday we published a nice report about Gaia Gathering festival in Lithuania. Don’t miss it, at least because of stages decoration photos. Guys seem to have experienced a local sabbath with their our Baltic pagan vibes!

Events and festivals of this week:

Burning Man 2015 (USA)
Psy-Fi 2015 (Netherlands)
Transylvania Calling (Romania)
Bioritme Festival 2015 (Spain)
Project: Everglades (Sweden)
Terra Gathering 2015 (Portugal)
Fractalia 2015 (Germany)
Multiverse 2015 (Greece)
Psyfari Festival (Australia)
Nierika Festival 2015 (Mexico)

All event details and links are in the calendar.

Album of the week 34 “forum poll” results

1st: Jairamji – Elephant Song [ Self Released ] Ott – Fairchildren [ Self Released ]

2nd: Dubianchi – Savikalpa Samadhi EP [ Cymatic Lab ] Zen Raccoon – Guaxini [ Electrik Dream ]

3rd: Refraktal – Refraktal EP [ Self Released ]

Check it out with links and players here to find out who got the others!

Recent Releases:

Andorra – Nature Elements EP – Self Released
Ashnaia Project & Stellar – Voices Of The Soul Vol. 1 – Self Released
Darshan Atmosphere – Space Traveler – Masala Records
Deep Fried Dub – Refried II – Dubmission Records
Desiseq – Diamond Daze – Self Released
Eyesix – Ouija – Carpe Sonum Records
Gallery Six – Pulp – Self Released
Gater – Neoterik – Gravitas Recordings
Heavenchord – In Chain Reaction – Cold Tear Records
Idlefon – Submarine – Tympanik Audio
Jackson Whalan – Pivotal Frequencies – Self Released
Jacob Newman & Devin Underwood – Sending The Past – Carpe Sonum Records
Martins Garden – Beyond EP – Aquatic Collective
Nas-Ja – Collective Overtone – Street Ritual
r.roo – Autistic Dance – Self Released
Rakoon – From The Ashes – Self Released
Tapage – Five-Six – Tympanik Audio
Tripswitch – Unconventional – Iboga Records
Various Artists – Broken Silence – Self Released
Various Artists – Tranquilize 2 – Cerebral Meltdown Records
Yarara – Sweet Margarita – Uxmal Records
روح – The Reverence Of Unremarkable Rites – Self Released

Album of the week 35 selection :

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