Hello, psydowntempers!

How are things? We hope everything is fine up there wherever you are! Autumn is rolling (anyone has long paper?) and we are trying to catch Indian Summer.

On Monday we published nothing because we were lost in Time and Space, all wi-fi networks required passwords and 4G was uncatchable. 3G was such a disaster in Space, so… You know how it always happens :)

We also enjoy watching how the forum is being developed – more users are coming, starting new subjects, warming up our chill-out forum and making some topics even HOT(!). For example guys are discussing the most trippy album ever at this topic. You do have this album in mind, don’t you? Go ahead and share it with others, maybe this release will become the trippiest for someone else too? Help others to get lost in Space along your trippiest album ;)

Let’s check what’s going on the planet Earth this week!

(introduction by Tanya)

Events and festivals of this week:

Ott USA Tour (USA)
Markahuasi (Peru)
Fairy Forest (India)
Ritual Añaychay (Brazil)
CBL: Carbon Based Lifeforms (USA)

All event details and links are in the calendar.

Album of the week 38 “forum poll” results

1st: Erot & One Arc Degree – Mani Of Despair EP [ Self Released

Several releases hit the 2nd and the 3rd places, check them out with links and players here

Recent Releases:

Alter Nature – Emerald Bay – Spin Twist Records
Astropilot & Cloower Wooma – Forræderi – Green Tree Records
Chieftain – Steve Cobby Presents Chieftain – Déclassé Records
Cloower Wooma – Vikingene Maten – Blue Tunes Records
Dislocations – Dislocated Mountain – Chaitra Records
Fine Cut Bodies – Paper Tales – Gravitas Recordings
Fractal Swaggin – 3000 – Self Released
Mahaon – Magic Garden – Multifrequency Records
Matt Pleztrom – Spoor Of The Hidden – Street Ritual
Magnetik & Fourth Dimension – Sensuality – Cosmicleaf Records
Nanosphere – Twisted Clarity EP – Luminus Music
Nimbus – Elements – Liquid Records
Nym – Convex – Loci Records
Offthesky – The Serpent Phase – Self Released
Puremusic – Divine Properties – Silk Sofa Music
Seapora – Seapop – Chillage Records
Sixis & Expedizion – Awakening World Remixes – Shanti Planti
Sons Of Melancholia – Silencer – Diametric
Tatsava – A Step Into The Light – Self Released
Various Artists – Lounge Of Summer – Goa Entertainment
Wil Bolton – Inscriptions – Self Released
Woob – MXV – Bigamoebasounds

Album of the week 39 selection :

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