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Have you read this huuuuge material about chillout scene in Brazil? We with Allix have been preparing this for so long, you can’t even imagine :) Anyway don’t get scared of such a giant piece of text – every word is worth reading, especially if Universo Parallelo is the only thing you recollect when someone says ‘Brazil’ and ‘psy scene’ words in one sentence. Here is the link for the article – https://www.psybient.org/love/chill-in-brazil/; and the material about Russian psy chillout scene is available for you to read as well!

And here is Tom with the Weather our traditional What’s New block!

Events and festivals of this week:

Pacific Fire Gathering (USA)
Symbiosis Festival (USA)
Catskill Chill Music Festival (USA)
Chill Out Festival 2015 (Brazil)
Powerholic ॐ IZANAGI 2015 (Japan)
Statix Festival 2015 (Malta)
Floresta Infectada 2015 (Brazil)
Dreaming Awakening. Clarity (Ukraine)
Ott USA tour (USA)

All event details and links are in the calendar.

Album of the week 37 “forum poll” results

1st: Translippers – Herbalism [ Microcosmos Records ]

2nd: Beatroots – Mood Movement [ Shanti Planti ]

Mindex – The Flavor [ Gravitas Recordings ]

Third place is covered by a few projects, some of which are Russian as well. Cool to see that Russian musicians gave us so rich harvest the last week: Translippers, Mindex, Chronos, In’R Voice… Cheers, guys, high five!

Check it out with links and players here

Recent Releases:

Abakus – The Archives Vol. 1: Organic Jams – Modus Records
Abakus – The Archives Vol. 2: Electronic Jams – Modus Records
Abakus – The Archives Vol. 3: Futurisms Deux – Modus Records
Abakus – The Archives Vol. 4: Darker Moods – Modus Records
Abakus – The Archives Vol. 5: Night Beats – Modus Records
Abakus – The Archives Vol. 6: The Gamer – Modus Records
Apriori – Sacred Coast EP – Luminosity Project
Ashnaia Project – Ancient Connections – Self Released
Chichilcitlalli – Minimal Deep Downtempo EP – Bass Star Records
DELTAnine – Astro Ride EP – Self Released
Dimmat – Karma – Ovnimoon Records
Erot & One Arc Degree – Mani Of Despair EP – Self Released
Eyesix – Our Wilderness Projector – Carpe Sonum Records
Ganga Giri – Earthwise Vol. 2 – Self Released
Kick Bong & Squazoid – Electric Activity – Cosmicleaf Records
Koan – Why? – Blue Tunes Records
Lapa – Meeting Of The Waters – Loci Records
LuminoStation – Multidimensional Hyperspace – Spaceradio Records
Metalaw – Pro-Grams EP – Self Released
Ōmwom – Cathexis – Mycelium Music
Resonata – Forever Isn’t For Everyone – Left Of Field Records
Robert Scott Thompson – Pale Blue Dot – Anodize
Shapeless Lab – Space In My Head – Mystic Sound Records
Smooth – Vintage Remixes Part I – Cyan Music
Submotion Orchestra – III – Counter Records
Symbolic & Zen Mechanics – Psychological Effects – Remixes – Merkaba Music
Tantric Decks – Aloha Life – Self Released
The Digital Connection – Chasing The Midnight Sky – Gravitas Recordings
The Projector Mix – Drift – Dubmission Records

Album of the week 38 selection :

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