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Events and festivals of this week:

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Album of the week 3 results

1st: Wolf Tech – Deep Space Dubz [ Shanti Planti ]

Last week the first place was also hit by Shanti Planti release. Well done, guys!

Other results are blurred since votes are widely dispersed among many other nominees! Check them with players here and vote for the release you loved best of all!

Recent Releases (Psychill / Psybient / Bass):

Alluvium Forms – Astral Forms – Bone And Stone
Ambient Shane – Tonal EP – Self Released
Fils Des Etoiles – Out In Orbit – Uxmal Records
Geoglyph – Artifact – Visionary Shamanics Records
Gone Gone Beyond (The Human Experience) – Gone Gone Beyond – Self Released
Jairamji – Remixes of Bob Hillary’s “Love” – Self Released
Kaminanda – The Infinite Breath – Merkaba Music
Keemiyo – A Mystical Journey – Altar Records
Loom In Essence – DigitAlchemy – Mycelium Music
Michael Garfield – Red Leaves EP – Self Released
Pulse Drift – Dark Side Of The Mood – Pure Perception Records
Re:Set – Emotional Distortion – Outtalectuals
R.Roo – Train – Self Released
Spundose – Relatives – Street Ritual
Strange Substance – Medicine – Self Released
Templo – Life Cycles EP – Self Released
Various Artists – Ancestral Lullabies 2 – Melusine Records
Various Artists – Autumnal Chillout Box – Blue Tunes Chillout
Wakhan – Mystical Encounter With Yourself – Self Released
Whitebear & Astropilot – Time Architect – Iboga Records
Zen Dub – Distant Lands – Sentience Records

Album of the week 4 selection :

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And for dessert it is a curious time-lapse video of Monarch Butterfly Metamorphosis: starting from a caterpillar, then to yucky chrysalis and – drum roll! – say hello to the magnificent butterfly! Look at its wings of the breath taking coloration! Does a caterpillar realise that it is turning into such a divine creature? Do we realise it when being caterpillars in the middle of our transformations?

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Stay chilled and fly high like a butterfly %)