October 17-23, 2016: 25 Releases – 3 Ambient, 6 Bass, 1 Chillgressive, 1 IDM, 12 Psybient, 1 Psybreaks, 1 Psydub

Hi all!
We wish you a wonderful week, full of love and energy to create your present. Enjoy new music in the latest releases in “downtempo” genres : psychill, psybient, ambient, chillgressive, psydub, dub, psybass, world, ethnic, IDM, meditative and don’t miss the best of last week’s releases.

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Events and festivals of this week:


All event details and links are in the psybient calendar. Also have a look at our psychedelic festivals listings.


Recent Releases (Psychill / Psybient / Bass):

Akal – In This Body [ Self Released ] { Bass } [yasr_visitor_votes postid=”958″ size=”medium”]

Angular Momentum – Binaural Files [ Self Released ] { Ambient } [yasr_visitor_votes postid=”959″ size=”medium”]

Atman Construct – Divided By Time [ Aquatic Collective ] { Bass } [yasr_visitor_votes postid=”960″ size=”medium”]

Binar – Tales Of The Uninformed Part 1 [ Self Released ] { Psybient } [yasr_visitor_votes postid=”961″ size=”medium”]

Binar – Tales Of The Uninformed Part 2 [ Self Released ] { Psybient } [yasr_visitor_votes postid=”962″ size=”medium”]

Choop Project – Unchanging Essence [ Spaceradio Records ] { Psybreaks } [yasr_visitor_votes postid=”963″ size=”medium”]

Estray & Stanisha – Samsara [ Self Released ] { Psybient } [yasr_visitor_votes postid=”964″ size=”medium”]

Hongos Longos
Hongos Longos – Grovenz Frofenz [ Celebratiohm Records ] { Psybient } [yasr_visitor_votes postid=”965″ size=”medium”]

Mahaon – Blue Stars Far Away [ Microcosmos Records ] { Psybient } [yasr_visitor_votes postid=”966″ size=”medium”]

Master Margherita – Modular Experiments Vol. 3 [ Self Released ] { IDM } [yasr_visitor_votes postid=”967″ size=”medium”]

Master Margherita – Music For Yoga #1 [ Self Released ] { Ambient } [yasr_visitor_votes postid=”968″ size=”medium”]

Modern Crusader – Long Way Home II [ Self Released ] { Psybient } [yasr_visitor_votes postid=”969″ size=”medium”]

Mugsy – Ambientador [ Danktronics ] { Bass } [yasr_visitor_votes postid=”970″ size=”medium”]

Numatica – 1×1=4 [ Self Released ] { Psybient } [yasr_visitor_votes postid=”971″ size=”medium”]

saQi – Broken Castles [ Jumpsuit Records ] { Bass } [yasr_visitor_votes postid=”972″ size=”medium”]

Schy – The Compounds For Better Result [ Ovnimoon Records ] { Psybient } [yasr_visitor_votes postid=”973″ size=”medium”]

Shantifax – La Terra Respira [ SarnarSchourt Records ] { Chillgressive } [yasr_visitor_votes postid=”974″ size=”medium”]

Smilk – 8 Bits And Pieces [ Self Released ] { Bass } [yasr_visitor_votes postid=”975″ size=”medium”]

S.S.M.P. – Textures [ Liquid Seed Recordings ] { Ambient } [yasr_visitor_votes postid=”976″ size=”medium”]

Thomas Carmody – The Waves [ Self Released ] { Psybient } [yasr_visitor_votes postid=”977″ size=”medium”]

Tikki Masala – Jīvasūvarī [ Masala Records ] { Psybient } [yasr_visitor_votes postid=”978″ size=”medium”]

Autumnal 2
Various Artists – Autumnal Chillout Box Vol. 2 [ Blue Tunes Chillout ] { Psybient } [yasr_visitor_votes postid=”979″ size=”medium”]

Various Artists – Changing Shapes Of Consciousness [ Quantum Digits Recordings ] { Bass } [yasr_visitor_votes postid=”980″ size=”medium”]

Various Artists – Fata Morgana [ Avatar Records ] { Psybient } [yasr_visitor_votes postid=”981″ size=”medium”]

Various Artists – Twenty One A.D. [ Dubmission Records ] { Psydub } [yasr_visitor_votes postid=”982″ size=”medium”]



Week 43 Release of the Week Poll Link

Join our weekly poll to discover the most interesting music and to discuss it with us.
Express yourself and vote for your favourite releases of the past week to help others find good music.


Results from last week’s poll:

4 Votes – Sky TechnologySpirituality [Timewarp Records] {Psybient}
3 Votes – AbakusDeparture [Modus Recordings] {Psybient}
3 Votes – Blue ForestLands Of Forgotten (Live Set) [Self Released] {Psybient}
3 Votes – Master MargheritaThe Fractal Polyrythmic EP [Self Released] {Psybient}
3 Votes – OperentziaFar-Far Away [Self Released] {Chillgressive}
2 Votes – Alex Tronic Vs Leith Bass TeamNature Flow [Alex Tronic Records] {Psybient}
2 Votes – Key-GRerum Natura [Self Released] {Psydub}
2 Votes – Living LightTales From The Karman Line 2: Atmospheres [Desert Trax] {Psydub}
2 Votes – LynxMoonstone [Self Released] {Psybient}
2 Votes – MacawExpanZion EP [Altar Records] {Chillgressive}
2 Votes – Tuval SIsomorphic Gardens [Maia Brasil Records] {Psybient}
1 Vote – Autumn Of CommunionBroken Apart By Moonlight [Txt Recordings] {Ambient}
1 Vote – Cosmic TouchAtomic Systems [Blue Tunes Chillout] {Bass}
1 Vote – C.Y.U.R.Prototypes EP [Self Released] {Psydub}
1 Vote – Exist StrategyWander [Self Released] {Ambient}
1 Vote – PhaelehIllusion Of The Tale [Self Released] {Ambient}
1 Vote – SubaqueousSlipstream [Chillage Records] {Bass}
1 Vote – TemploIcarus EP [Self Released] {Bass}
1 Vote – Thomas P. HeckmannThe Lost Tales Vol. V [Carpe Sonum Records] {Ambient}

You are always welcome to join the discussions of these releases in the forum.


And for dessert this week we would like to present an interesting artist Joe Mangrum. He is mostly famous for his fascinating sand paiting, but his indoors and outdoors installations do also deliver! He is forming beautiful worlds in different environments with diverse materials, and it all look so magic!

Links: http://www.joemangrum.com/artnews/ – be sure to check out installations and sculptures!

Stay chilled and sandy!


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