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Christmas is the time to make wishes and anticipate its realising. If you want to be our Santa Claus even for a short period we will gratefully accept your participance and highly appreciate! We are looking for 10-20 volunteers to help us with the Best of the year 2015 poll which will start in the beginning of 2016. Tasks are simple and they will lead to great results! Find more details in a respective forum topic. Hope to hear back from you, readers!

On Tuesday we have published the interview with Amani and Treavor from Desert Dwellers. Check it out here if you missed it!

Next is our traditional blog about events and releases of the current week.

Events and festivals of this week:

Universo Paralello (Brazil)
3 Years Birthday Party – Radio Q37 (Greece)
Astropilot (Ukraine)
Day Experience 12 (Germany)
Sunburn Goa 2015 (India)

All event details and links are in the calendar.


Album of the week 51 “forum poll” results

Results are quite blurred and there is no point in listing 3 releases that hit the 1st place and releases on the 2nd place. Just check the nominees with players hereand vote for the release you loved best of all!

Recent Releases:

5AM – Deep See EP – Aquatic Collective
Above, Convenience Store! – Project Aeon – Sparkwood Records
Atom Sessions – Alpha Drifter – Self Released
Barce – Kyroah – Cyan Music
Chris Komus – The Lioness – Shanti Planti
Gnaïa – Temple – Self Released
Hedflux – Remixed Part 2 – Luminus Music
Illuminus – Sweep Dreams – Z-Plane Records
Kaya Project – Sema Yaka – Tribal Shift Records
Kratos Himself – Loon Garden – Self Released
Mauxuam – Illicit.Audio # 2015 (Limited Edition) – Illicit.Audio
Mint – The Minotaur’s Head – Kahvi Collective
Nadis Warriors – Futurology EP – Self Released
Sacred Sound System – Suspended By Magic – Lab Room Unlimited
Side Liner – Ambienthology – Cosmicleaf Records
Soley – The Light You Hold EP – Self Released
Soulacybin – Stazi – Gravitas Recordings
Soulular – Relax – MalLabel Music
State Azure – Hex EP – Mindspring Music
TonyModi – Sleepdriving Into Lightness – Cosmicleaf Records
TonyModi – Sleepwalking Into Darkness – Cosmicleaf Records
Toy Box – Short Stories – Street Ritual
Various Artists – Digiseeds – Ultimae Records
Various Artists – Sonitas Omnia Vincit – Carpe Sonum Records
Various Artists – Uxmal Chill 002 – Uxmal Records

Album of the week 52 selection :

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