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Our News are usually published on Wednesday, but this week we do it one day later. Will you forgive me for the delay? While the main part of Psybient.org team is in Brazil the other part (one of many) is in Russia; and it’s getting cold here and brains are freezing as well. So no more whimsy excuses about lost in Space and unstable WiFi connection. I have just clean forgotten it :D
Let me amend it with one link I give away now. Would you like to have an umbrella with Alex Grey artwork on? Or maybe shower curtain? or pillow? You will love it: chinese people started producing all these essential things with the visual psyart printed on. You might know Aliexpress, but wow, these days they just rock, I was very surprised: check out 1858 items for ‘Alex Grey’ search. Regardless of chinese massmarket manufacturing you are welcome to visit official Alex Grey webshop where you can order original things. Enjoy your shopping!

I do hope that Alex Grey knows about Aliexpress things :) Psybient.org team is against any types of author’s rights ignorance. Gagarin sais hello to you from Brazil with the captivating article “Free Music in a Capitalist Society” by Iggy Pop. Iggy has always been a master of word and the following citation does show it again: “Artists have always been ripped off by corporations, he said; now the public is in on the free ride, too: “The cat is out of the bag and the new electronic devices, which estrange people from their morals, also make it easier to steal music than to pay for it.””

As a bonus I would remind you on the festival report we published this Monday: it is about Symbiosis Gathering 2015 that took place in California. Now it is the easy-to-read review full of eye candy photos. Spoiler: some art installations have been brought from Burning Man, so.. Thanks to Kevin Fairbanks, we can feel the festival with you now!

(Intro by Tanya)

Events and festivals of this week:

Fruttstock Festival 2015 (Switzerland)
Art Outside (USA)
Dragon Dreaming (Australia)
Earthfest Revolutions (Taiwan)

All event details and links are in the calendar.

Album of the week 42 “forum poll” results

We have a winner and it is the release by Birds Of Paradise – Flight Patterns Re-Routed [ Addictech Records ].A few other releases got less points and you can still influence on the poll results actually.

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Recent Releases:

A Path Untold – Secret Subtle Light – Aligning Minds Recordings
Astrocedrumz – Cachuchu Groovy Bytes – Egregor Music
AtYyA – Remixes Vol. 1 – Self Released
Chill.S.Dub – Just Believe – Uxmal Records
Cualli – Birds Of Bliss – Merkaba Music
Eguana – Sun – Cosmicleaf Records
Hidden Frequency – Wave Patterns – Self Released
Mauxuam – Quinkunx Dub – Self Released
Mick Chillage – Pixels III – Anodize
Natural Life Essence – Imaginary Motion – Cyan Music
Nü Tao – Rebirth EP – Spaceradio Records
O.M. – Viaje A Altona – Ovnimoon Records
Tipper – It’s Like – Self Released
Unknown Reality – Sequences – Self Released
Various Artists – Ambient Online Compilation: Volume 5 – Ambient Online
Vibelive – Return Of The Peace – Biomechanix Records
Zen Raccoon – Made In Shine – Self Released

Album of the week 43 selection :

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