We have been following Strichka festival since 2015, and we have to say that it is one of the most interesting Electronic music events in Ukraine, we highly recommend you to join us at Closer club for the 5th edition.

It’s truly amazing that for 5 years in a row, the factory that produces ribbons (or ‘strichkas’ as we call them in Ukrainian), has been able to take the best of electronic music culture, dance culture and culture as a whole and combine them all together at its premises. And it’s fantastic that all the participants – local venues, media artists, decor artists, djs, musicians, builders and volunteers – unite to celebrate this gathering of like-minded people.

Grand in terms of scale yet intimate in terms of atmosphere. This is Strichka.

More info @ https://www.facebook.com/events/137070946965004/

Abelle (Arma, RU)
Bambu (Closer, UA)
Boris Divider av live (Cultivated Electronics, ESP)
Borys (Closer, UA)
DJ Sneak (Strictly Rhythm, USA)
DMX Krew live (Breakin’ Records, UK)
dOP live (Circus Company, FR)
Friedensreich live (UA)
GAS – Wolfgang Voigt live (Kompakt, DE)
Igor Glushko (Closer, UA)
Ion Ludwig live (Perlon, DE)
Jazzmate (LOW, UA)
Junki Inoue (UK)
Karine (Closer, UA)
Lady Starlight live (Stroboscopic Artefacts, USA)
Luke Slater (Ostgut Ton, UK)
Mykyta (UA)
Nastia (Propaganda, UA)
Noizar (Closer, UA)
Nikolaenko (Muscut, UA)
Pahatam (UA)
Pavel Plastikk (LOW, UA)
Phil Weeks (Robsoul, FR)
Philipp Markovich (LOW, UA)
Prins Thomas (Full Pupp, NOR)
Ponura (UA)
Ranishe Niyaak (Arma, RU)
Roman K (Closer, UA)
SE62 (Closer, UA)
Shakolin (Closer, UA)
Spekulant (live)
Shyvkin (Closer, UA)
Timur Basha (Closer, UA)
Tropical Echobird live (UA)
Vladimir Ivkovic (Offen Music, DE)