Take it easy with an uplifting musical journey through the far-out atmospheres of the ‘psychill’ genre. Located at the edge of the forest the Chill Out is the place to relax and fill up the energy levels. The Chill-out must be a welcoming place – so we are going to develop this stage further with a fusion of organic structures, lots of moonshine and starlight – and of course a careful selection of ambient music.


Performing Artists >
Aes Dana (Ultimae Records) – FR
Amalgamation (Orf Music) – HUN
Ancient Core (Astronautic Records) – RO/HUN
Amper (Orf Music) – HUN
Asura (Ultimae Records) – FR
Atati (Transcarpathians) – UKR
Atmos (Iboga Records/Atmotech) – SWE
AuraFood (Independent) – HUN
Bayawaka (Enig’matik Records) – ISR
Buxi (Psybaba Records) – HUN
BB303 (HumanTouch) – HUN
Carbon Based Lifeforms (Ultimae Records) – SWE
Cell (Ultimae Records) – FR
Eat Static chill set (Mesmobeat) – UK
Fishimself (IT the Place/Freeze Magazine) – GR
Gagarin Project – FR/UA
Gaudi chill set (Gaudi music) – UK
Gaudi Live (Gaudi music) – UK
George Barker aka Slinky Wizzard (Flying Rhino) – UK
Hadron Orchestra (Goa.hu) – HUN
Hallucinogen in Dub by Ott (Twisted Records) – UK
James Monro chill techno set (Flying Rhino) – UK
James Monro minimal set (Flying Rhino) – UK
Kalya Scintilla (Zenon Records) – AUS
Kaya Project dj set (Interchill Records) – UK
Kukan Dub Lagan (Mikelabella Records) – SP
LightChild Project (Merkaba music) – ISR
Mahiane (Ultimae Records) – FR
Modern Errors (Visionary Mind) – HUN
Nightlite (NVC) – HUN
Obi (Psybaba Records) – HUN
Odiolab (BMSS Records) – GR
On Om aka Nigel Photon (Electrik Dream/Revolve Magazine) – UK
Ott (Ottsonic) – UK
Pinpin (Moksha Family) – ISR
Sensient chill out set (Zenon Records) – AUS
Simon Baring (Neon Booking) – UK
Solar Fields (Ultimae Records) – SWE
Suduaya (Altar Records) – FR
Sync 24 (Ultimae Records) – SWE
Takkra – HUN
Trickster of Dub (Mental Expreince) – ISR
Vibrasphere chill set by Robert Elster (Tribal Vision) – SWE
Vitrion (Visionary Mind) – HUN

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