we would like to bring a discussion and share with you some interesting information. As a regular music consumers and a media dedicated to music, we are often confronted with questions related to music industry and artist/label revenue. Some regular questions are:
– where to buy music?
– how to support labels?
– is buying from itunes bad?
– do people still buy CDs and why?
– how to support artist?

some time ago Anoebis from Sunstrip records share some information about his label, you can read the pdf file here

you can also read the psynews forum thread related to this issue and even ask Anoebis questions here

It would be fair to say that each music niche has it’s own particularity, vinyl, cd’s and digital are all present in the market.

From our understanding, in general the best way to support artist is to buy music from artist/label website. If you have a chance to buy CDs it is still a relatively good revenue that will support artist-label-shop chain. If you are more into digital, than bandcamp looks like the platform of choice. And of course the best way you can thank to artist is to smile, send your feedback and speak about their work to people around you!

so what do you think about all this ?

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