We continue our media partnership with ChillSpace network. Each week we will showcase here fresh music and fresh videos from the biggest chillout music Youtube network – ChillSpace.TV ! The Chill Space Network is YouTube’s largest and most successful team of channels dedicated to promoting chill music and the chill scene.


Takkra – Northern Winds

Takkra’s third full length album Universal Medicine explores deeper into soft, mystical, psychedelic soundscapes. Get swept up in the hypnotic vocals, cinematic guitars, ethnic wind instruments, tongue drums and complex layering of soothing synth textures.

Angebot – Deep In Marrakech

Deep in Marrakesh, hiding in the Medina, the DJ collective Angebot is starting a warm gathering. The Music guides by landscapes, through ethnic patterns and a undefined velour state of mind. Jump on the camel, light the shisha and share this with your loved ones.

Althai – Biogenesis

Biogenesis is an epic attempt to portray the creation of life from divine thought. Starting with the orchestra prologue, the album goes through the birth of the first living cell, the evolution, and the diversity of nature. The story ends with the birth of a living mind, human consciousness, turned to its divine source.

Prismatica – Inverted

Inverted is not a conventional downtempo release. It suggests influences oscillating between the Afro and Latin sound, with the characteristic guitars this time with jazz and funk flavor.

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