Brokenblender’s ‘Blending Realms’ is an exciting journey through seven different sonic realms that converges seamlessly in the Psy-bass domain. True to his name, he incorporates a multitude of (other-)worldly influences and merges them into his signature broken-downtempo style in a unique way.

Subliminally drawing from his expertise as a professional chef, creating new flavours by mixing and blending ingredients while retaining their original essence is second nature. So feast your ears and minds on the buffet of sound that is Brokenblender.

Interview by Mister Mime on 19/06/21. Edited by Shantiago.

How did you come up with your artist name “Brokenblender”?

The name Brokenblender came out quite by accident. Before I started producing downtempo music, I tried all sorts of styles. My stage name then was “Electronic”, but it was too general. One day 3 years ago, a very close friend of mine Kojo Alexander Green (who is also my mentor in everything, from music to advice and connection to all things; a true friend) said, “Maybe try writing Downtempo\Psybass Music.” So we started thinking of a name for something that would be interesting and fit the style. I tried to create in many styles for years, and the broken styles (Breakbeat, Drum & bass, etc.) always attracted me more. Hence, Brokenblender’s name was created (Broken for broken rhythm and blender for blending the styles).

Why is the album called “Blending Realms”? How did you name the tracks? {“Maharaja Realm” – Love the track, vocals especially!}

At first neither the album nor the tracks were in those names, it was something else. When I finished the album, each track was a little different from each other, yet there was something connecting between them, and there was one track I called Into the Creatures Realm, Kojo (whose job it is to think outside the box) told me “Let’s add Realms to the names of the tracks because each track is different and each one is like a different world, a different universe, a different realm. As for the story behind each track. It could be some sound I heard or some piece of music I was listening to and even a sentence from some sample from which an entire track could be created. I flow with the music and the story comes out while creating

Can you tell us a bit about your musical background and journey so far?

As a child, I loved listening to Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, all kinds of Drum & Bass\Breakbeat music etc .. and on the other hand to Psy Trance of all possible styles. In the early ’00s at the age of 17, I started experimenting with different music software and trying to create music.

I knew nothing, no notes, no chords, no scales. But I learned, I read, I tried, I created. Once a Trance, once a Breakbeat, once a House and slowly I learned, a little more and more (we learn from each other then). Years of trying to create something perfect, getting my ideas out of my head, sometimes it would come out good, sometimes less, but I was always missing something, or the sound was not good enough, or an uninteresting track, lacking in creativity. After all, it gave me a lot of knowledge until at the end (after many years) I discovered this style called Downtempo\Psybass and I really fell in love with it. I decided to dedicate myself to this style and develop it into my own style.

Can you give us a glimpse into your music production process? Could be something you consider the main or unique aspect of your process or sound, some techniques you like to use, go to plugins, anything that you’d care to share.

I almost always start my music from the intro. That way I’m more comfortable. Sometimes I just sit and play with the sounds and if I come up with something cool I develop it into a track. I really like to record random things, all kinds of sounds, glitches, put a lot of effects, flip, reverse, cut everything, blend it and then arrange it according to the rhythm or melody or just put some glitzy sounds flying in all directions. It just must be interesting, complex and unique.

Can you tell us about the artwork and how it goes with your album concept?

The artwork is an interesting story. Alex (yes yes the same Alex who helps me with everything) is a partner in a production called Fusion Culture, He connected me to the amazing artist who does the Artwork for them: Mute Illustration; and took care of what the cover would look like. As for the concept behind the cover is, that each sphere is the name of a track.

Who/what are your musical and non-musical influences for this album? (Musicians, artists, things, places, people, etc. that inspire you).

Brokenblender: Really there are so many, I just put a playlist and if there is a track I like, I save it. If you want specific names then Mindex, Slynk, Mr Bill were at the top of the list. They are my great inspiration and I learn a lot from them. Sometimes I just listen to the radio, hear a song with some interesting rhythm or sound, and start building a track in my head. Sometimes I write down the ideas on the phone, what and how I would do. You can get inspired by anything.

You have a very unique sound and mix of ideas. What is the common thing that makes you able to “blend” all these ideas and influences?

As I said at the beginning, it’s probably years of experience in different styles that I tried to bring myself without success, now everything connects. I am constantly trying to combine things, to make them unique, different. Every once in a while I try something new, something I have not tried before, try to make every track different but have my signature. I think every artist should be like this.

What is the meaning of ‘psychedelic’ to you?

Psychedelic for me is when the music and sounds on the dance floor put you in a state of trance as if you are teleporting to another dimension, and the rhythm and vibrations of the deep bass transmit a kind of energy and tingling throughout the body.

What do you like to do apart from music?

Professionally, I am a cook (another type of art). I really like to cook for my family and try new things. I like to travel with my wife and my three kids and have picnics, hang out with friends (this is when there is no closure or pandemic). Besides that, when I have free time and I am not sitting in the studio, I learn about sound, mix, or check out new things that interest me, I always aim to find ways to improve my work as much as possible.

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