Today we talk with Fox Kraft, an electronic musician from Upstate New York. who has been making interesting sounds since 2018.

Her music is profound, deep, abstract, and intelligent. When we listen to her creations, we can travel into ambient, dark atmospheres and intense bass lines.

Continuum is the most recent album from Fox Kraft, which includes a thoughtful, tactful, and comprehensive musical journey in different sonic frameworks.

Interview by Shantiago on 05/02/23.

Hi there, it’s a pleasure to have a conversation with you today. How are you?

Hello! I am doing well, thanks. Thank you for doing this interview with me :).

Are you currently in New York? How is winter life going?

Yes, I am still living in New York. Winter life is… quiet. Which is fine by me, it’s actually my favorite season other than Autumn. There is something very special about being outside surrounded by snow in silence.

Let’s start looking back. Could you tell us about your musical background before creating the Fox Kraft project?

Well… I am not classically trained, I have always just had a passion and very deep connection with music. I have always loved electronic music, so it was an easy choice for me to get into.

What is the story behind your project Fox Kraft? Also, what’s its mission?

Fox Kraft is just something that happened. I have been obsessed with music my whole life, figured it was time for me to start trying to create my own. There isn’t really a mission behind my music. Just creating my sound is my main goal, and to share it with people that might enjoy it. I don’t require fame or money, I just want to make music as long as I can, and hope some people will enjoy what they hear!

Whatever the directions your creations take, we feel a strong dark sound listening to your releases. How do you choose styles when working on new projects?

It’s funny, I wasn’t really sure how everything would sound when I started. I honestly thought my style would be heavier than it is, because I love Industrial music, and stuff like that. I guess this is just what I sound like on the inside. There really isn’t a plan that I have when I start making a song, it sort of just flows out of me. I mean, I am sure what I am listening to at the time has some impact, but not as much as I thought it would. However, I sort of try to loosely have some sort of theme/concept to my albums when I start out. Just so my songs mesh together, when you listen to them as a whole album.

It’s always nice to hear about production techniques, gear used, and any tips & tricks in this area. What are your perspectives on this field?

My production techniques differ from song to song, honestly. I mean, there is always something new that I want to try. Lately I have been using Euclidean rhythms to create some of my drum tracks. It’s really quite fun to get out of the box, and make something weird. I also make a lot of my own patches in Omnisphere and Iris, which can be very time consuming but very rewarding. Let’s see what else? I use some field recordings for texture, I bought a Soma Ether last year and it’s really fun to use. For my other gear, I have my APC40 MKII, and I use Ableton as my DAW. Ah, and a borrowed Nord Lead that I don’t use nearly as much as I would like to.

For tips and tricks? That’s a tough one to answer as I am constantly learning new things myself. I guess that would be the best tip – Never stop learning. Always try new things. And most importantly have fun! It doesn’t really matter how you create so long as you get something beautiful to share when you are done.

Could we know a bit more about your recent album ‘Continuum’? The idea, the creation, the execution.

For this album, I was trying to go for more of an organic and esoteric feel. Not sure how well that transcribed musically though. This one was definitely more chill and atmospheric than some of my other releases. Continuum was also a lot easier to create, usually towards the end of an album I really get stuck finishing it. Almost like hitting a brick wall. These just flowed out of me like electricity.

What are your near-future plans?

Hmm, I would like to try and play out more… It’s really rewarding seeing peoples reaction in real time. I am also working on a collaboration with another artist currently, Sound of ATEM. And of course, I am working on another album which will hopefully be out this summer sometime. I am also creating/submitting songs for this really cool compilation with which comes out bi-monthly (the latest one comes out Friday, Feb 3rd). It gives me a chance to make a different style that I am used to. Ambient music is quite liberating. I don’t have to follow a rigid structure, and am really enjoying that so far.

And last but not least, who is Fox Kraft in her daily life?

I am a humble human, just trying to enjoy life on this weird planet flying through space : ) Oh, and also hang out with my cats, and my snake. My main source of entertainment is really music. It’s like free therapy for me. I also love making weird stuff with Photoshop. I know, super boring right?

Thanks a lot again for your words, and of course for your music. We look forward to losing ourselves in your sound blend. A big hug!

It was a pleasure! Thank you again for everything : )

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