in this mix we would like to highlight ECSTATIC dance music and community. Much love to our friend , dj and producer Nowananda who prepared for us this mix.

– dj mix & selection : Nowananda

– podcast idea : iurii “Gagarin Project” of

– picture: Iza Viola photography

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About Nowananda:

Eyal Matsliah aka Nowananda is life-long dancer and music collector, who has been passionate about music since the mid 80s.

He is inspired by growing up in Israel in a multi-cultural family, playing classical piano for 7 years, traveling and living in South-East Asia most of his adult life, as well as the study, practice and teaching of Tantra, Yoga, healing and body/energy work.

Nowananda weaves together devotional, organic and electronic music from all over the world into music journeys that invoke the mystic, the lover and the animal within us.

More information about the mix and about Nowananda:
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Time Name Artist
0:00 opening Jungle
6:12 Gham Dub Echo Wanderer
11:00 I come from the universe tetouze
14:55 Wopila Mahto Akicita & Tiwahe
19:25 SPECTRAL ALCHEMY Sitarsonic
23:50 Kamanja Temple Step & Jonny Joon
26:55 Trishool Circle Ft. Mayura Ethnicalvibes
34:23 MARO KE MARIA Sitarsonic
38:25 East Wind tetouze
42:10 Who are you Symbolico
47:50 Adventure in Istanbul (Drumspyder Remix) Byzantine Time Machine
53:01 Out of the blue heart Symbolico
57:22 Tribe Prayers Avi Adir
1:00:31 Haquin & Lo.Renzo – Oasi Indra’s Garden
1:07:20 Ancient Dreams (PSYCHOZ REMIX) EARTH CONNECT
1:11:39 From Greece With Love (feat. Yiannis Mandas) Atropolis
1:15:15 Seeing auras Symbolico
1:18:45 Rainbow Serpent (feat. TREEBOGA) Basher Toe
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Much love and gratitude to all the artists and labels presented in this mix. The full copyright for the music in this mix is owned by the respective artists and/or publishing/recording labels. We make no commercial use of this music and mix it to promote this magic sound amongst our friends. Please support the artists by buying their music or donating to them directly.

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