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The buzz of the week is our annual Best Of the Year poll, and it’s high time to draw a line and find out your favorites in 2015.
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Events and festivals of this week:

PsyLounge Live: Electronic Traffic (Germany)

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Album of the week 53 BIS “forum poll” results

False Identity – The Pond Where I Belong [ The Beats Bizarre ] got the first place.

Tatsava – Earthlings In Out_t-er Space [ Self Released ] hit the second one!

Check other nominees with players here and vote for the release you loved best of all!

Recent Releases (Psychill / Psybient / Bass):

Antandra – Akasha – Self Released
Dense – Splendensity Vol. 2 – Cosmicleaf Records
Emetic – Abstraction – Triple Drop Productions
Germind – Industrial Vibrations – Plexus Music
Grouch – Grouch Archive – Dubby, Glitchy, Steppy Part 1 – Self Released
Grouch – Grouch Archive – Dubby, Glitchy, Steppy Part 2 – Self Released
Haua – Daria – Aera Records
Hideyo Blackmoon – Music For The Inner Journey – Self Released
Jaja – Sparkles – Cyan Music
Lars Leonhard – Orange Dawn – Self Released
Mauxuam – Weltangshaung – Collection One – Self Released
Mind Transport Tools – Astral Bridge – Spiralight
Quanta – Elements – Shanti Planti
Sibling – Conspiracy EP – Mycelium Music
Smooth Genestar – Hands On – Cyan Music
Various Artists – Global Glitch Vol. 2 – Street Ritual
Various Artists – Nomad Ambient Vol. 2 – Nomad Bar
Yarn – Cryptic Entity – Blue Tunes Chillout

Album of the week 2 selection :

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And for dessert it is a short video about neurogenesis. Geeks and smarties, hooray! The idea is that our brain produces new brain cells and we can increase its ammount. How? Check out the video: it’s just 11 minutes long and goes with subtitles for 29 languages.

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